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INNOVA 3160 OBD2 Diagnostic Scan Tool Review

Scan Tool with ABS/SRS

INNOVA 3160 Overview

Since the advent of On-Board Diagnostics, many manufacturers have come up with different ways of approaching On-Board Diagnostics, with grades ranging from OBD1 to OBD2. Several brands are available in the market, each with its unique feature and quality. However, users are more attracted to some of the best OBD2 scanners. One of such amazing OBD2 scanners is the INNOVA 3160 Diagnostic Scan Tool.

The INNOVA Diagnostic scan tool is considered among the best with its peculiar features, the SRS (Safety/Supplemental Restraint System), the ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) and its Live Data for OBD2 Vehicles.

Getting to know about the functionality of this Diagnostic tool, one can tell that its manufacturers went to great extents to produce a device of such efficacy. It can also be said that a lot of time, human resources and deep research work were put together into developing such a high-tech gadget.
Seeing the rate of commendation this product is getting, one will like to know why he/she should purchase this product. Here is why:

Universal qualities: This gadget is available to several vehicles varying in models as well as new type OBD 2 and previous type OBD 1. Hence, even though it might seem so modern and high tech, it is still very flexible and has minimal compatibility issues.

Performance: The functionality of this device coupled with its added accessories, monitoring your vehicle, or getting data about your vehicle is stress-free. With its live data feed, you can conveniently get all the information right at the comfort of your vehicle seat. All you need do is ensure the machine is correctly fitted.

Things We Were Marveled About

With experience from using this diagnostic tool, it does work very fine, and it is quite sophisticated. However, it comes with a bit of shortcoming which could disrupt its smooth operation. Notwithstanding, its accessories and user manual will help the user effectively operate this gadget if followed carefully. This diagnostic tool is a wonderful one and worthy of recommendation.

  • Having all of its integrated accessories, this OBD tool has been made to be far less complicated to operate. An operator requires little effort during usage. The live data feed also comes in handy, especially when a technician requires data about the car, such data can be gotten straight from the device.
  • Further, into the data convenience, the enabled personal computer connection makes printing of the data possible and easy.
  • The fact that it is compatible with a wide range of cars, newer and older model vehicles makes it such a great option. This way, car owners need not worry much about how compatible it will be with their vehicle, whether it be OBD 1 or 2, this gadget is built to work on both types, and both types equally enjoy its outstanding functionality.
  • Using the INNOVA 3160 Diagnostic scan tool comes with an excellent after sale services. Their highly skilled technical support team are always available to help you in setting up, usage and at times you might encounter difficulties.

What We Didn’t Really Like

Having seen the remarkable qualities, it is also good that you are exposed to what might be for some people a disadvantage or setback.

  • Even though this OBD scan tool is quite compatible with different vehicles and in some cases, different OBD type (1 & 2). It is important to know that the brand requirement in some cases, will require that the vehicle is of OBD type 2. Asides this, the scan tool is seen to be territorial, confining it to areas within the United States and Canada emission laws. So, it is not likely to apply in areas beyond these regions.

Advantages of using this scanner

  • There has been much emphasis on how amazing this diagnostic tool is, one key feature that differentiates it from other OBD2 machines is the presence of its Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Safety/Supplemental Restraint System. A list of its features are given below:
  • The ABS and SRS: the anti-lock braking system is an integrated system into the vehicle through this OBD tool that speeds up the manner in which the overall braking system of the car performs. This is possible through a number of sensors that are integrated with the OBD 2.
  • The Safety/Supplement restraint system is most common within the airbag. This system has the ability to sense faults and possible danger and alert the occupants of the vehicle, usually with a blinking light. These kinds of warning often need immediate attention.
  • Not forgetting, its compatibility feature with different models of vehicles both newer and older OBD type.
  • It’s a unique live data system. This is an essential feature that makes working with the vehicle a lot easier. This also benefits not only the user but as well as the technician to help the technician quickly get out the required information and act on it. Also, the OBD is equipped with a USB mechanism. Hence data can be extracted and printed out through a personal computer. Especially when further action needs to be taken or for reference purposes.
  • It is known for its high compatibility with several OBD2 vehicle models as well as OBD1 models. It has the ability to decipher both types and generate specific and generic codes, hence its high compatibility.
  • The INNOVA 3160 Diagnostic Scan Tool is lightweight, about 3 pounds.
    Another amazing feature of this diagnostic tool is its multilingual capabilities. This device can produce its data codes in a number of recognized international languages. This is making it more universal than its competition.
  • Coupled with its lightweight, this diagnostic tool also has a relatively small size of about seven by three by 10 inches. This makes it easy to carry and also easy to store if not in use.
  • In addition, it comes with a battery. So, the scanner can still be turned on even if the engine of the car is not functioning.

Finally, this tool poses no difficulty in installation, no special technical know-how required. All the user needs to do is properly follow the installation guide, and in no time, you are equipped with all of its amazing features. This Diagnostic tool is one of the best of its class and with no doubt, commendable.

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