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Innova 3100J OBD2 Diagnostic Scan Tool Review

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Innova 3100J Overview

Over the years, we’ve learned just how valuable OBD2 car diagnostic scanners can be. Whether you want to be informed as to the health of your car, or perhaps you even want to fix a problem without paying hundreds for a professional, these scanners or code readers can be incredibly effective.

If you’ve been with us for some time, you’ll know that we love this niche and we love helping you find the perfect product. Fortunately, we managed to get hold of the Innova 3100 recently, have played around with it, and now have a full guide and review so you can assess whether it’ll meet your needs!

Introduction to OBD2 Scanners

Before we head into the bulk of the review, we should first note that the electronics used in motor vehicles now is unbelievable; we’re at a level we probably never thought would be achievable. These days, our cars are essentially giant computers, and there are both benefits and drawbacks to this. For example, the vehicles we drive are certainly safer, more efficient, and more durable than the cars driven by our parents and grandparents. On the other hand, we pay more for cars not only initially but when a problem occurs and needs professional attention.

Just because cars these days are filled to the brim with electronics, this doesn’t mean you have to hand over all responsibility to garages and mechanics…and this is where a good scanning tool comes in. Before taking the car to the repair shop, a scanning tool will allow a driver more knowledge of a particular problem. As long as you don’t mind getting your hands dirty and have a basic knowledge of using tools, you’ll probably find that most minor issues can be fixed by yourself.

If you didn’t know the value of a car scanner before, we’re sure you do now; eventually, by preventing a trip to a professional, it can pay for itself. This being said, one problem for consumers has been a lack of high-quality scanning tools. Luckily, Innova 3100J is an exception to this, and we couldn’t be happier to introduce the product to you in this review!

Who is the Innova 1300J Designed For?

According to Innova themselves, this particular model is perfect for general car users and mechanics. Why? For two main reasons;

• Firstly, mechanics can use the scanner in a professional setting because of its diagnostic power. Since the scanner can be used across a wealth of models from the mid-1990s, as well as providing error codes specific to manufacturers, it can be a valuable partner in this arena.

• Secondly, general car users can take advantage of the easy-to-use nature of the device (even without an instruction manual). Rather than calling a mechanic and paying for simple engine issues, car owners can get error codes from the comfort of their own home.

From amateurs to professionals (and everyone in between), this OBD2 scanner is well worth the investment.

Key Features

• Great piece of equipment for identifying the reason for Check Engine lights; the trouble code will show on the screen.
• With an oil reset procedure, the instructions are written step by step, and the whole process is simple.
• After reading the code, it then deletes them; both SRS and ABS code-related errors can be read and resolved.
• The vehicle’s charging system can also be assessed.
• Both Spanish and English customer support may be available for users. If you encounter any issues, you’ll be put through to professional technicians.
• Whenever the MIL is on, the status for engine coolant temperature, fuel supply, and more will be displayed automatically.
• Thanks to a brilliant web service, all users can get assistance online. Within moments, problems will be diagnosed, and information will be provided including verified fixes, repair costs, hard ratings, and more.

Potential Drawbacks

Now we’ve seen the positives of the 1300J, are there any potential negatives?

Function – Despite the great things we’ve mentioned regarding functionality, many users are disappointed with the lack of instructions. With a simple instruction manual, we think users would have an easier time taking advantage of all the great features the scanner has to offer.

For some, the recorded data when the error code is recorded isn’t enough…they would prefer real-time data display. Unless the back-light feature can be turned off, some have also reported difficulty in seeing the screen when outside in the bright sunshine.

Compatibility – Sadly, some users have been getting frustrated when attempting to use the scanner with certain computer systems. Without a software update, Windows Vista seems to be the cause of most issues.

Interface – As the final potential drawback, the interface is only easy once you’ve learned what every button does – considering there’s no instruction manual, learning this can be tricky (to say the least!).

Customer Reviews

So far, the 1300J has received fantastic reviews from customers, and one of the main compliments has been that the information users need can be received within the first minute. What’s more, they like the fact that repairs can be done alone and money can be saved, sensor values are shown (including EPT, GPS, and speed), and the scanner is incredibly simple to use. Not only does it come with a pouch for storage, but it also plugs into an OBD2 connecting link instantly.


In case you haven’t noticed, we love the 1300J from Innova and we haven’t even mentioned the affordable price. Aside from this, the list of features is extensive, the capabilities put it beyond the reach of more expensive models, and it’s easy to use.

Of course, it does have some issues, and we highlighted these earlier with the lack of live engine data and no instruction manual, but these can be overlooked.

It’s a positive investment and one you won’t regret as the scanner proves to be a trusty companion in the years ahead!

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